Sheryl Crosier

Licensed Sales Agent

Hello! My name is Sheryl Crosier. I am an ACA health insurance and life insurance broker/Medicare and Medicaid advocate with Allraya, LLC. I have extensive experience in client relations, public speaking, advocacy and state and federal legislation.

Even though my education and professional experience guided me to where I am today, it was Nathan Toal who went above and beyond helping my family find suitable ACA insurance when we needed it most. Nathan is the person who found the right surgeon to remove our daughter Sabella’s cysts when we were scared and could not find a surgeon in the state of Missouri. He truly is part of our personal journey. Little did I know our journey would be filled with heartbreak and health obstacles but also joy.

When my brother David became a quadriplegic as the result of a tragic accident I witnessed the struggles and hardships he endured including extensive medical bills and insurance denials. Shortly after my brothers accident, my father, a Marine veteran and successful engineer lost his battle to cancer at the age of 57. I still remember him saying “all I am is a statistic” after his oncologist gave him no more treatment hope. Even though my father passed, medical bills continued to pile up in the mailbox.

When our third child was born, we experienced medical discrimination and denial of care. On Simon’s 3rd day of life, the doctor walked in and said, “Simon’s blood results came back, he has Trisomy 18, I’m sorry.” She then immediately walked out of the room without providing any comfort or compassion. Simon lived for 3 months in the NICU, where he died. Since Simon’s passing, I have authored two books, “I am not a Syndrome, my name is Simon” and “Hello my name is Simon.” Soon I was telling Simon’s story across the country and was also featured in the 2014 award winning documentary “Labeled.” Simon’s legacy lives on. Simon’s Law has currently passed in 9 states and is being considered in other states presently. I can’t bring my son back but want to make sure no one is denied life sustaining treatment. My goal at Allraya is to assist and help others navigate through the hurdles of healthcare complexities and provide peace of mind. I advocate for life and want to ensure all have adequate resources to meet their health needs. Sheryl is married to her husband Scott for 21 years and has three children, Samuel, Sean and Sabella as well as a Morkie named Skipper.