Nathan Toal

Licensed Sales Agent/Founder

Nathan R Toal is the founder of Allraya LLC, a successful health insurance brokerage that helps over 2000 clients in the Greater St. Louis area where he shows the “everyday” individual that health insurance does not have to be complicated and that a helping hand is always near.

“I’ve had a lot of heath related ups and downs. The downs are what drove me into this profession. I was diagnosed with cancer at the ripe age of 22 and had a long treatment period. Because of medical bills I lost everything and had to start from scratch. While still healing, the collections calls started in and I was forced to sell my car when I wasn’t even able to walk. I tried to find help but there was no one. Years later I am that someone.” -Nathan Toal

Nathan has been helping people avoid these situations to maintain there financial and physical strength so they do not have to experience what he did. Using clarity, compassion, and a little humor Nathan helps to demystify the health insurance issues. “My number one goal is to get you peace-of-mind, not health insurance.”

Outside of the office, Nathan has a wife, Maia; and two children, Stella and Allraya. His wife says she has 3 children… Nathan is a self-proclaimed wine expert and a diehard Star Wars fan. “If you challenge me to Star Wars trivia I will win”. When you meet, he will probably show you picture of his family in Star Wars garb. Halloween is no joke in that house.”